“If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.”
--Audre Lorde

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More about Me

There's a short post about me at the Mina Rees Library blog, in case you're interested, and additionally there's now a lot more info about my scholarly and professional work over at this new site. I'm not sure what exactly posting more detailed information about my work on the web will do (other than make a good place for me to keep track of my projects--one of the site's main goals), but perhaps it could inspire a bit more transparency in academia like what Benjamin Mako Hill is talking about here?

From BC to GC...

Tomorrow is my last day as part of the library faculty at Brooklyn College. In July I will transition into my new role as the Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian at the Mina Rees Library. I'm excited to join the CUNY Graduate Center, which has been a second home to me since 2010 via the MALS program.

I have had many wonderful experiences at Brooklyn College. My time here has made me think of myself as not only a librarian, but a scholar, and I am very thankful for all that this has meant both personally and professionally. It has been hard to imagine leaving this library, many wonderful BC colleagues, and the Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection, but I know that both I and the collection will continue to grow and evolve, and that change is good!


For the most up to date information, see: http://asellie.commons.gc.cuny.edu


Book Chapters


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Other Work

Prelude to a Report Back: ACRL Immersion 2010

There are already a few blog posts about our shared experiences in Vermont. What I can say about Immersion is that it stretched me really far as a teacher, as a student and as a librarian. I learned a lot about how I like to learn (and how that affects what I teach, and that one of those things is that I need time to reflect, contemplate and collate what I've learned. Being back in Brooklyn I've been on to other things but I hope that soon I'll get a chance to share here and also implement what I took away from Immersion (that hopefully doesn't violate the copyright statement--couldn't let that go without mention!).

Rhymes with Bean: A Do-It-Yourself Zine Definition

As I am doing a bit of schoolwork and other projects related to zines and print culture, I dug up an old piece that I had originally written for the Madison Zine Fest's website in 2005. I thought it might be useful to share here. Re-reading it again in combination with another survey of the literature has likewise inspired me to create more comprehensive list of definitions, so stay tuned for that.

(click through for)
Rhymes with Bean: A Do-It-Yourself Zine Definition

Upcoming Events

Lots of upcoming news and events for the Spring semester, most notably:

I'll be speaking with Matthew Goins at two upcoming events about eBooks and readers' rights:

I'll be participating in ACRL's Immersion Teacher Track program this Summer in Burlington, Vermont. I wrote in my application that I am
interested to examine how critical pedagogy fits into library instruction, so I am excited to see how this can be discussed within the larger frameworks of the program. I'm also excited to get the chance to focus on teaching for a bit and to share what I learn with my colleagues.

And finally, I am really excited to be a part of the upcoming Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America's Library History Seminar XII: Libraries in the History of Print Culture. I can't wait to hear Janice Radway speak and to spend some time in Madison talking about print culture (whilst also enjoying some New Glarus!).

Queens Librarian Talk

Jenna and I will be presenting "Zines 101" tomorrow at the Queens Public Library. I'm excited to spend some time looking at works with our librarian audience as an attempt to define them (an illustration of my DIY Zine Definition). For slides you can see Jenna's post.

Metro Panel Slide Share

Here are my slide shows from the Metro Panel that I was a part of called "Get Published!: Create Your Own (Unconventional) Opportunities."

Come see these slides brought to life tomorrow!

Who knows, maybe we will just "debate whether the collecting of zines by libraries and museums contradicts, even cancels out, the basically anti-establishment zine concept."... But don't bet on it. I'll be speaking about how my radical library heroes have taught me what's worth collecting (esp. Dodge and Danky, both of whose work I plan to talk about at length and to whom I owe another round of thank yous).

Jenna posted her slides for our talk tomorrow, "Zines: Institutional Collecting, Zine Makers, and the Fine Line of Art,"on Lower East Side Librarian. Click through for mine.

Library Camp: Presentations

One great thing about Library Camp and unconferences at large is that you not only attend, you contribute. I was surprised and excited to hear on Tuesday evening that I would be presenting on not only one but two topics: Organizing Library Events and Drupal. It was nice to have a heads up so that I knew what I was in for on Wednesday morning, and also nice to know that people had voted and there were certain to be participants interested in each of these sessions.