“If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.”
--Audre Lorde

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Report Back: “Libraries in the History of Print Culture"

The Library History Seminar XII: “Libraries in the History of Print Culture” Conference of the Center for the History of Print Culture was truly one of the most enjoyable conferences that I have ever attended. I may be a bit biased because presenting at this conference was a dream of mine, and perhaps also because I utterly adore the field of print culture. I think it also helped that the event was held at my alma mater, and I got the chance to chat with many library colleagues and heroes who I just don't get to see often enough (and just how often do you get met with a great big hug directly after your presentation?!--thanks Tracy!).

Report Back: The Next HOPE

HOPE was a really amazing conference. The hackers (in comparison to librarians, who I normally conference with) were really engaged and industrious--they gathered data, archived events, created gizmos, and provided not only segway rides but also hammocks throughout the three day's events. I'm dropping my notes here in one gigantic mess, but there's audio and video up over at http://thenexthope.org/talks-list/ if you want to see/hear it for yourself.

New York Libraries in Crisis

Sad things are happening to each of our borough's public libraries. Major staffing cuts, branches will soon close. There are a few campaigns to combat the cuts, and a 24 Hour Read-In today that will happen on the steps of the Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn Public Library. Daunting library times.

Sustain our Libraries

I just saw this new poster up at justseeds by Mary Tremonte and wanted to share it. You can buy one for $15.

I especially like what Tremonte writes about this piece:

Books Through Bars Pack-A-Thon

Had a good time helping out Books Through Bars this weekend. Things that they could use: paper (grocery) bags and materials to wrap books in, dictionaries, and how-to books. They also have three evening hours per week where you can drop off donations, AND you can donate your bookmooch points to them, also!

Library Heroes/Heroines

Inspired by Toni Samek's Librarian Heroes page, I decided to make my own in the wake of a recent rant about radical librarians.

The folks listed below are utterly inspirational people. Not all of them have an MLS, but all of them are library workers and thinkers. My hope is that this list will continually grow.

My library heroes include:

Google and Libraries from Democracy Now

Democracy Now talked all about libraries and the google books project today, and I thought it was an interesting listen, especially since I have heard this conversation more so from librarians for librarians. Amy Goodman speaks with Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive http://www.democracynow.org/2009/4/30/google_faces_antitrust_investigati...

All I can think about, other than copyright and kindles and Farenheit 451 is Double Fold by Nicholson Baker and how this problem keeps getting recycled...