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Report Back: Milwaukee Zine Librarians (un)Conference

Images by Eric Goldhagen, from http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericgoldhagen/ (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The Milwaukee Zine Librarians (un)Conference was a great time, and I left it feeling like I had lots to do and many ways to help the cause. My favorite thing about this conference is that it is a library conference that isn't populated wholly by MLS'ed folks, and that all the things we talk about building (catalogs, websites, etc.) have to work for collections in living rooms and garden sheds as well as gigantic/overwhelming institutions.

This year I was impressed that we busted out Zine Core, I was intensely happy to return to Wisconsin and see the headquarters of QZAP, the Zine Mobile, and happy to leave with a project (to help makeover zinelibraries.info and increase the ways that we all share documentation).

I didn't take many notes, but there are a lot up at the MKEZL(u)C site.

Zines at the Brooklyn College Library

Just a quick note that the Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection now has a site of its own where I and the fabulous zine interns will be sharing news, thoughts and information about our collecting as well as about zines in general. The site is a part of the CUNY Academic Commons, a pretty fantastic site in and of itself.

International Zine Library Day, July 21!

At the MKE ZL(u)C, we declared July 21 International Zine Library Day. We hope that the day can foster celebrations of zine libraries all over and activities like zine library open houses or zine library crawls in cities with multiple collections, or zine-making events, readings, etc. I hope to create some kind of inter-library zine exchange (like a print exchange in which libraries that make a zine on IZLD could all exchange their IZLD zine with the other participating libraries?)...

July 21 is coming up really quickly this year, and I am not sure what we might be able to do here in Brooklyn, but there is a list of events here for 2011 and a whole year to plan something great for 2012!

http://zinelibraryday.wikispaces.com will be the home for more information surrounding July 21ne Library Day.

Zine Libraries: Policies and Documentation

I've been working on a few projects surrounding zine libraries and underground press collections. One thing I noticed (and posted to the Zine Librarians email list) is that there isn't a centralized repository of shared documentation for folks who are starting to start up their own collections (often people are happy to share the info, there just isn't a central location for it to live). While creating that repository is a larger project than I can handle at the moment, I did want to share my own work.

I'm posting the SLIS Library Workers Zine Collection Collection Policies and Guide here.

It was originally a booklet of information about the Library Workers Zine Collection that I started at the SLIS Laboratory Library in 2006. I've attached a copy of the document and pasted it here so that you can read most of the text on this site or download the PDF version with full cataloging information (!!!). Hope it is helpful!

SLIS Library Workers Zine Collection Collection Policies and Guide, Spring 2006

School of Library and Information Studies Library
Library Workers Zine Collection
Collection Policies and Guide
Spring 2006